All things paper

Japanese Bookcloth

Japanese bookcloth is renowned for its exquisite quality and elegance, making it a top choice for many bookbinding projects. Each piece is backed with paper, ensuring easy application after being glued. Its luxurious feel and durability make it a perfect choice for creating beautiful, lasting works of art.

Italian Florentine Prints

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Florentine Prints, meticulously crafted in Italy on 100% sulfite base paper. This exquisite paper is a versatile choice, ideal for a wide range of artistic pursuits. From bookbinding to box making, card design to gift wrapping, collage to book arts, and even framing as a stunning poster, its possibilities are endless. Elevate your creations with the beauty and quality of Florentine Prints

Chiyogami Decorative Japanese Paper

Chiyogami Paper is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, hand-printed using the silk-screen technique. This intricate process involves applying each color with a separate screen, sometimes requiring up to 12 colors, including rich golds and other metallics. Japanese Chiyogami is not only cooperative but also breathtakingly beautiful, making it an exceptional choice for a wide array of artistic endeavors. From bookbinding to box making, book arts to collage, greeting cards to origami, invitations to posters, and even jewelry, its versatility knows no bounds. Elevate your creations with the exquisite beauty of Chiyogami Paper.

Katazome-shi Japanese Paper

Experience the timeless elegance of Blue with White Blossoms Katazome-shi, also known as Wazome, a paper steeped in Japanese tradition. Developed based on traditional kimono printing techniques, this paper showcases the artistry of using persimmon-dyed kozo as stencils, combined with the magic of "Kojiro" (soybean juice). These elements work together to ensure that pigments absorb deeply into the paper, creating hues that last a lifetime and the unmistakable charm of a handcrafted print.

The durability and enduring beauty of this special paper make it a perfect choice for a myriad of artistic endeavors. Whether you're delving into bookbinding, box making, book arts, collage, greeting cards, origami, invitations, posters, jewelry, or beyond, Blue with White Blossoms Katazome-shi promises to elevate your creations with its exquisite charm and rich history.

Nepalese Lokta Paper

Discover the exquisite artistry of Lokta paper, also known as Nepali kagaj or Nepali paper, a wildcrafted, handmade artisan paper deeply rooted in Nepal's heritage. Crafted from the bark of two species of the Daphne shrub, this paper has a rich history, traditionally used for religious scriptures and government documents in Nepal.

Today, Lokta paper continues to enchant with its versatility and durability. It is cherished for its use in creating notebooks, religious scriptures, artworks, painting canvases, and even some government documents. Each sheet carries a piece of Nepal's cultural legacy, making Lokta paper a truly special and inspiring medium for artists and artisans alike.