About Graystorm Studio

To Sophia Graystorm. A manifesto:

Graystorm embodies the defiance of impossibility. It embodies the years spent on the periphery, looking in. Graystorm abolish the acceptance of exclusion. It
embodies the sensation of falling short, of showing up but not fitting the mold. Graystorm stands for the underdog, for the child told that his beauty,
joy, and passion were misplaced.

Graystorm stands against these narratives. It stands for the belief that beauty can be found in the unconventional, joy in the unexpected, and purpose in the disregarded. Graystorm is a rebellion against limitations, a celebration of individuality, and a declaration that worthiness is inherent, not bestowed.

In every creation, in every moment, Graystorm seeks to challenge the norms, rewrite the narratives, and champion the spirit of the unconventional.
Graystorm is not just a brand; it is a movement—a testament to the power of resilience, authenticity, and the belief that, in every shade of gray, there is
a spectrum of possibility.

You're invited to join me on a vibrant journey filled with color, patterns, and endless possibilities!

“Our thoughts shape our reality, and our words put it in motion” 

Myburgh grew up in Polokwane (formerly known as Pietersburg), South Africa. Following studies in Hotel Management, he embarked on a journey working for several luxurious hotels in South Africa and abroad. Together with his family, they traversed numerous countries before finally settling in Seattle, WA.

Myburgh career in travel was fruitful, but in September 2022, he made a pivotal decision to depart from the corporate world. This shift allowed him to pursue his passion for penmanship, beautiful notebooks, and journals. However, this transition was not without its challenges.

In late 2013, Myburgh experienced severe burnout that led to a six-month battle with depression and anxiety. With the help and support of others, he was able to resume his career in 2014. However, the struggles returned in the fall of 2022, prompting him to once again step away from his corporate path. This decision marked a significant turning point.

Since then, Myburgh has been on a journey of self-discovery, navigating through moments of floating, falling, and drifting, all in search of rediscovering himself. It was during this time that Graystorm Studio was born.

Myburgh's love for writing has always been intertwined with his fascination for notebooks. Inspired by classics such as Moleskine and LEUCHTTURM1917, among others, he crafted his first notebook in November 2022. Since then, he has continued this creative endeavor, fueled by a deep passion and commitment.